Re-define hospitality:

The new Front-desk

The Enzosystems hospitality kiosk handles the complete check-in and check-out process. It hands out room keys and takes care of payment when guests check out. It can also help walk-in’s looking for available rooms. The receptionists at the hotels using our kiosk solution have become host(ess); free to help guests wherever they are needed. Guests don’t have to wait in line anymore. This kiosk handles hundreds of check-ins a day, 24/7, without any delay.

The kiosk takes care of the complete check-in and check-out process. It can provide your guests a selection of rooms to choose from, it programs the room keys and handles the payment. It handles early check-ins, may sell extra’s as breakfast or late-check-outs and allow your employees to help wherever they are needed and have more time to make the guests feel at home. The number of screens presented

to the guest is as little as possible to speed up the process. Check-in can be handled within 30 seconds, checking-out can be done in around 15 seconds. The Hotelkiosk is built into the table to obtain a clean and accessible system that blends in to your lobby.

Seamless intergration

Because we do not believe in the success of standard out-of-the-box products for this type of kiosk implementations, we will deliver a customized solution that fully ts into your organization. We will use our base check-in/out software for this and will change the look-and-feel matching the corporate identity of your hotel. On the backside we will make sure the system talks to all your systems running in your hotel.

Display with touch interface

Cardreader Noti cation LED

Payment device Noti cation LED

Go all-in

We have proven that kiosks really can be very successful if implemented the right way. Besides selecting the right kiosk hard- and software, the correct decision must be made how to integrate the kiosks in the hotel operations. Kiosks must be fully integrated in the check-in and check-out procedure of the hotel and should be placed at the right position in the lobby to give you optimal results. Putting some kiosks in a corner of the lobby simply does not work.